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Series IGR-LPA will bring significantefficiency in automation aspect around factory floor. This is probably because of the flexibility of the machine and the adaptation of many applications with the lowest cost.

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Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) provide a cost efficient automated materials handling solution to transport pallets, cartons and products throughout your warehouse or manufacturing facility. With the ability to be installed into an existing facility, AGV’s provide a safe, cost effective and reliable option. AGV automation can complete tasks such as pallet loading and handling, transportation of goods, pallet wrapping, tracking of cartons and products, barcode scanning, right through to container loading.
An AGV solution offers the following advantages over the traditional palletizing or warehousing solutions
IMPLEMENTATION Easy implementation into existing production space. Minimal modifications are required to existing buildings with no additional fixed structures required.
RELIABILITY Reliable 24/7 operation complete with additional barcode scanning to provide traceable identification of product movements. An added benefit of implementing multiple AGV’s ensures improve system redundancy issues which are traditionally created by pallet conveyor faults.
Automated guided Vehicle solutions are an extremely safe system with reliable operation. The AGV’s advanced safety & sensing systems ensure there are no damages to products, buildings or machinery. In addition, work safety & productivity improve significantly on the work floor.

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